These are a few of my favourite things…

After a two year hiatus from the blog,  I decided to resurrect Love,Clare…brimming with ideas, I had no idea what my first post should be-so,  I’ve decided to compile a little list of some things I’m loving!

1. Claresonic: this little gadget has changed my skincare game-with interchangeable heads to meet your specific skincare needs, it helps get down deep into pores, leaving your skin softer than ever and thoroughly clean-I’ve noticed a huge change in the texture of my skin since introducing this tool. I picked up the Mia 2  – with both the sensitive brush head as well as the exfoliating head.

2. Fresh masks: I’m known to do a facemask at least once per day…and I’ve tried A LOT of different brands-everything from drugstore to luxury-from Korean sheet masks to clay to peel and beyond.  There is something so lavish about a mask, like you’re doing something extra special just for yourself…

Fresh beauty makes some of my most loved masks-wholesome and pure ingreadients and genuine care for what goes in them.  Available at Sephora, some of my faves include the Rose mask, the Black Tea Instant Perfecting, and the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask.

3. Short acrylic nails with gel polish: I cannot count the amount of times in my life when I’ve had acrylic or gel nails applied-I love the way it adds such finish to any look-but longer nails are not always conducive to Mom-life….Recently, I’ve been enjoying a very short acrylic overlay on my natural nail with a coloured gel polish on top-you wouldn’t know they weren’t mine! Strong enough to withstand my Mommy lifestyle and general wear and tear-they look as good on week two as they did when I walked out the salon.  Some would argue that the constant requirement to get them filled is too much maintenance, but I wholeheartedly disagree! One hour every 2.5 to 3 weeks to dedicate to your nails is not much, furthermore, it adds such polish…as we head into Spring…er, well, perhaps not in Vancouver-but I digress…I’ve been enjoying a brighter hue *pictured*…simply applying a bit of cutical gel at red lights in the car helps your nails to stay in tip top shape until your next appointment.  Finding a good salon and manicurist is essential… I’ve struck gold with EverydayNails in Langley!

4. Dr.Jart Ceramidin cream: I know what you’re thinking…*yawn* “a moisturizer”… but wait, this one is something special-developed and formulated in Korea (we know the Koreans know a thing or ten about epic skincare), this cream is intensely hydrating without leaving  you an oily mess. Free from all the usual nasty suspects such as perfumes, parabens and sulphites, this cream works well for sensitive, dry, dull and dehydrated skin.  It’s beautiful under makeup as it absorbs into the skin without sitting on top creating a slip and slide for your foundation.

5. NARS Soft Matte Concealer: The amount of concealers I’ve tried over the years is slightly shameful…I’ve passed on many a tube due to creasing, drying, caking, not enough coverage…I’m picky to say the least. But the NARS Soft Matte concealer isy BY FAR the best concealer I’ve ever used-I’m almost at the bottom of the jar and will most definitelbe re-purchasing.  For those with dryer complexions, do not be swayed by the label “matte” -this will not leave your under eye parched, nor will it slide around and crease. It is the perfect balance of mattifying, creamy, coveragy goodness-try it…enough said…just go try it.

Well there you go, how’s that for a return to the blogging world-five things I cannot get enough of-staples that are now deemed permenant fixtures in my beauty routine-hopefully you’ll find something in this little line up that’ll become one of your faves as well!

Love, Clare

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