the in-flight facial

The long-haul flight…at first it may sound glamorous, but in all actuality, it’s brutal.  Coughing neighbours, questionable cuisine, communal toilets…and above all, the havoc it can reak on your skin!

Now, don’t get me wrong, if I’m on a flight, it means I’m off on a holiday, which I’m always pleased about…but I have come up with a few tried and tested ways to emerge off the plane with a glowing complexion!

Recirculated air means one thing…ok, maybe two things…germs from row 52 and dehydration.  Rest assure, this little routine will save you from the dreaded crocodile face.


First…if you take nothing else from this post, take this one piece of advice…DONT WEAR MAKE-UP!  Make-up will only dry and aggravate the skin, cramming itself into every little pore and will leave you looking worse than if you left it off.  So, number 1, no make-up.


An overnight moisture mask is what you need to keep the skin supple and hydrated…now I’m not suggesting something thats going to have the entire plane wondering if you’ve lost your marbles…I’m talking something sheer that goes on invisible, like a rich moisturizer.  Origins makes the Drink Up overnight mask that is affordable and works like a charm.  I like to apply a thick layer initially and then reapply every couple of hours.

You could absolutely stop there and be well ahead of the game…but if you’re liking where this is going, you can also apply a rich eye cream such as the Kheils Avocado eye cream, and again, apply every couple of hours.  I like to grab  a few sample packs with me rather than taking the entire pot on the plane.

Lets not leave out the pout here…applying a nice rich balm will prevent scaly lips upon arrival-I love the Nuxe Reve de Miel, but any rich balm will do.

I also like to apply some hand lotion and cuticle oil…if you’ve got the time, might as well give yourself a bit of a pampering!


As I mentioned, hydration is key here, so drinking water throughout the flight will help keep that complexion drying out as well.

This whole in-flight beauty regime is quite new for me, but I gave it a go on my last trip and I was converted-my skin was plump, hydrated and supple when the plane touched down, now who wouldn’t want that?!

Love, Clare


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