All about the scrub Part 1

Exfoliation has got to be one of the best ways to keep skin looking glowy, fresh and bright…not to mention keeping those fine lines at bay.  I get asked quite often for skincare advice, and I’ll always ask if they exfoliate on a regular basis-sometimes it’s yes…but often it’s no.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to regularly exfoliate your skin.  Sloughing off dead skin cells and keeping pores clear.

I will break this post into two parts- manual exfoliation and chemical exfoliation.

Manual exfoliation includes your scrubs, wash cloths and tools, such as the Clarisonic.

Physically scrubbing the skin with the right products/tools can slough off skin cells and reveal  a brighter complexion.

I exfoliate in some form everyday, but if you’re just new to the world of scrubbing down your skin-start off with two to three days.

The humble facecloth:

This is such a simple and gentle way of daily exfoliating your skin-simply cleanse the skin and instead of splashing away the excess cleanser, wipe away with a warm, damp washcloth-rinse and repeat.

Electronic facial brush such as the Clarisonic:

With an array of brush heads to choose from, the Clarisonic can give you a gentle to intensive exfoliation with your normal cleanser-I’m fairly new to using this and I have to say I’m a convert. In fact, my dermatologist asked me at my last appointment what I was doing differently, as my skin looked “exquisite” -I told him I’d started using the Clarisonic and he said he wasn’t surprised as he’d seen such wonderful results with it!

Exfoliating cleansers:

This is an area you need to be quite choosy with-not all exfoliating cleansers are created equal.

Now,  I’m sure everyone remembers a certain drug store exfoliator with apricot shells? Well, let me tell you that those shells,  if looked at under a magnifying glass, have sharp jagged edges that create tiny slices in your skin-not exactly the goal…

The are many exfoliating cleansers on the market today-most being fairly mild-but there is one I’ve stumbled upon that blows all others out the water. Lancer skin polish is a fine paste that will scrub intensely and leave you with skin smooth and radiant. Developed by Dr Lancer of Los Angeles, a world renowned dermatologist-this skin polish does what most others cannot-it’s simply the best I’ve found. It’s a pricy little product though, so I advise you to grab a sample from Sephora and try it out first-the results will speak for themselves.

I’ve also pictured a mask/exfoliator from Clinique that does a wonderful job detoxifying and exfoliating-I’ll do this perhaps once per week and the Lancer three times.

So the take home here would be to grab yourself a washcloth tonight when you cleanse and start seeking out perhaps one other form of exfoliator-you’ll be glowing within a week!

love, Clare