Friday Eats-my go-to juice


Sticking with a bit of a healthy theme from last week,  this is my go-to fruit and veggie juice-a nutritional ROCKSTAR!!!

I got into juicing about a month ago when I adopted my Mom’s neglected juicer, but I was inspired by a neighbour of mine who accredited daily juicing to part of her cancer recovery.

Juicing a fruit or vegetable allows the vitamins/minerals/nutrients to be absorbed much quicker and in significantly higher doses that if you were to eat them whole…now, I still eat a ton of fruit and veg in their pure state, but a juice packed with kale, ginger, lemon, celery, spinach etc. is a sure fire way to boost your immune system fighting powers:)

There are so many juicers on the market nowadays, but I can assure you, for your first juicer, it does not need to be top-of-the-line.  Mine is pretty simple but does the trick…one thing I will say about most juicers is that there are a pain to clean (but the payoff is worth it!).

There are no hardened fast rules when it comes to creating your juice, anything you like really-my current favourite combines the following:

  • kale (two big handfuls)
  • spinach (two big handfuls)
  • celery (3 stalks)
  • cucumber (1/2 peeled)
  • apple (1 peeled)
  • pear (1 pealed)
  • carrots (2 large peeled)
  • lemon (1 peeled)
  • ginger (1″ piece peeled)

I like to make enough for two big glasses of juice and save one in the fridge for the next day.  As far as quantities go, there again, are not real rules-play with combinations and find what you like, this is just my personal favourite.

*tip* Always follow your leafy greens up with something juicy like the cucumber, this pushes all the kale/spinach juice though the juicer


Happy Juicing!

Love, Clare



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