Friday Eats: love pho the Pho


Nothing like a hot bowl of soup on a chilly day to warm you up from the inside….Vietnams answer to our humble chicken noodle is Pho...glorious Pho!

A deeply flavored savory broth, heaps of soft but chewy rice noodles, tender, paper thin slices of rare beef and an abundance of spicy toppings and veg to bring it home….this has got to be one of my favorite meals…


Seems like everywhere you turn in Vancouver there is a Vietnamese Pho restaurant…but like any national dish, everyone has their own interpretation. Depending on where you go, the broth will vary…and to me, it’s all about the broth.  I found Pho 99 a few years back and the buck stopped there…no more looking, thats it- I was in love…the broth has that deeply satisfying savoury taste that is unmatched in my quest. Located in Pinetree Village, Coquitlam, Pho 99 is an unassuming little joint, nothing fancy here…just phenominal Pho!

Now, I cannot tell you about about this place and not mention the Banh Mi-a sandwich that I can say without a doubt is THE best sandwich I have ever had, hands down!  A fresh french baguette, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside encases marinated grilled pork, pickled carrots, cucumbers and cilantro-brought together by an amazing spiced mayonnaise….this sandwich is it for me:)…oh, and while you’re at it, grab one of their pork fried rolls-oh boy, don’t get me started on these little fried rolls of heaven;)



I think the cherry on the top here is the pricing…a family of four can eat like kings for $30! I hope you swing by and try the wonderful cuisine that is Vietnamese!

Love, Clare



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