Friday Eats at Trader Joes

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore Trader Joes…so much so I’m there every other week and I don’t even have one in my country! My closest TJ’s is just past Bellingham in Washington, about an hour drive and through the US border.  I always combine my trip to Trader Joes with a stop at Target and Costco;)

People ask me why I bother, and I tell them a few different reasons…one, everything with the Trader Joes name promises to be preservative free and additive free.  Next, the price, they have great pricing even when the dollar is terrible…There is always new and interesting items, genuinely really cool stuff, not your run of the mill grocery items here…I always enjoy perusing through the isles looking at the endless items on offer.  I have a huge list of favourites which grows with each visit.  Another reason I love TJ’s is their large selection or organic products, the organic variety of whichever produce you may be looking at is nominal in the price difference…making organic produce much more attainable.



The staff are another reason I love this place, always super helpful, friendly folks donned in the signature Hawaiian shirts…I’m a sucker for great service and these guys have it down.

It’s all in the details here…like the absence of a store intercom, they opt for old nautical bells at each register instead-one chime for perishable pick-up!

My kids love hunting for the Yetti, the Trader Joe’s mascot.  Each day, the staff hide him somewhere in the store for the kids to find…once spotted, you can report to the folks at front desk and they’ll reward them with an organic lollipop 🙂

The Fearless Flyer handed out at the entrance fills you in on all the latest additions as well as recipes.  They have an amazing wine selection with a knowledgeable staff member always near by.

At the back of the store, you’ll have your sampling station, there is always a tasty treat being offered back here, highlighting a combination of their products in store. As well, I love to check out their “whats new” section, there is always great new product hitting the shelves weekly.




So here is a list of some of my favorite products…bear in mind I could probably just list every item…

  • Cilantro salad dressing
  • fat free balsamic dressing
  • premade oven ready balls of pizza dough
  • low calorie pink lemonade made with stevia
  • cinnamon raisin ezekial bread
  • cookie butter (weird and wonderful, goes great on waffles, or right out the jar;)
  • almond butter salted
  • Island Soyaki marinade/Soyaki marinade
  • chocolate chip granola bars (minus the BHT, a known carcinogen in many well-known granola bars…ahem Quaker)
  • organic hot dogs (childhood should include hotdogs…and these are the only ones I’ll give my kiddos)
  • any of the marinated meats (carne asada, garlic pepper pork tenderloin)
  • frozen croissants (just need proofing overnight, also available in almond and chocolate-a breakfast treat at our house, these come out better than most cafes!)
  • fried rice (a quick weeknight dinner, just stir in a cracked egg and some extra veg)
  • Cowboy Caviar salsa (any of their salsas are great though)
  • Bran flakes (seriously, give them a try)

Ok, this list could go on and on, but if you want to check out some of their products before hand, their website has all their new items as well as recipes and meal ideas:)





So thats my bit on Trader Joes and why I love it so much…think Whole Foods, but more affordable, inventive and laid-back…hopefully you can go and check them out soon!

Love, Clare




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