Friday Eats-Acai wha?

During my two weeks away in Hawaii I discovered acai bowls…you might already know about these deliciously nutritious bowls of yumminess, but for those who are as curious as I was, heres the dish…


The acai berry is found in central and south America, a distant relative to the blueberry and cranberry.  This little super fruit is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and ellagic acid, a combination that has been found to actually suppress the growth of cancer! Furthermore, the acai berry helps with weightloss, inflammation, skin health and radiance as well as containing antiaging properties and energy boosters…this little berry packs a huge punch!

The acai bowl is simply frozen pure acai concentrate blended with your choice of fruits and topped with granola, honey and more fruit-it makes a delicious breakfast or lunch.  It’s essentially a very thick smoothie with toppings that you eat with a spoon:)

Finding the acai packs is not so easy, but Whole Foods is where I found mine…I’m sure the other grocery chains will catch on, but they’re always a little late to the party!  Sambazon do an unsweetened, organic, 100% pure frozen acai pack, perfect for blending.


There is no real hard and fast rules here, just pop a frozen banana (adds creaminess and thickness if frozen), one acai pack, and any other frozen fruit you like, then add 1/2 cup of liquid-I like to add unsweetened coconut water as it’s an amazing hydrator.  Blend it all up until its smooth, adding extra liquid if its too thick…once that’s done, throw it all into a bowl and top with some of your favourite granola…if you’re into making your own, I have a post on an amazing home made granola here.  I then like to add some fresh berries and a drizzle of honey.  This is such a nice change from your average cereal or oatmeal, even the smoothie-you really feel like you’re having a treat for breakfast:)

Hope you give the acai bowl a try!

Love, Clare



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