Denim perfection

I hate shopping for jeans.

This says a lot, as anyone who knows me, knows I love shopping-maybe a little too much;)  There is something about shopping for jeans that can turn a perfectly wonderful day of retail fun, into a frustrated sweaty mess…pulling them on and off, trying countless pairs…only to highlight the fact that you probably should not have indulged in that Dominos the night before…



And ah yes, the muffin top…the bane of my existence…most jeans will only highlight this not-so coveted body part, and lets face it, we can’t live in those high waisted Lulus…

But wait, not all is lost-I have found a style of jean that will not only NOT stretch out, giving you that saggy bum look, but will suck everything in and make you forget all about muffins!

May I introduce TopShops Jamie jeans *insert enthusiastic applause from my fellow muffins*



High waisted without resembling Erkel, enough stretch to keep their shape after days of wear,  and best of all, hits you just above the dreaded muffin-top…they are a true skinny that does not flare at the ankle and hugs in all the right places.

These come in so many colours, you’ll never need to look anywhere else…I know my size and trust the fit, so I can confidently buy them without trying them on *insert fist pump*.



TopShop was originally only in the UK, but now The Bay online carries it, as well as in store.  You’ll also find a TopShop downtown Vancouver.

So there you go, all of denim hopes and dreams come true!

Love, Clare



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