Bright eyes!


Two words…dark.circles….most of us suffer from these to an extent-piling on the concealer until it looks so cakey you could stick a birthday candle in it:(  Well, I have found a product that hides those circles so well, it’ll look as though you’ve had the best sleep of your life-or you don’t have any kids;)

I heard about the Pixi Correction Concentrate from Tiffany D on YouTube, she raved about this little hidden gem and so I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

Pixi is a make-up line carried in Target (US) and one that I have not really given much attention to in the past.  They carry a full line of make-up products with a signature mint green packaging.

The correction concentrate is a neutralizing and brightening peach concealer that you only need a tiny amount to get the job done (which is good as the pot is weeny).  It will run you approximatly $12, but like I mentioned, you need the smallest amount and it should last for a long time.

I applied this over top of my foundation, dabbing under my eyes where I suffer from some darkness-the peach cancels out the the grey/blue and immediately gives you that bright-eyed-best-nights-sleep-ever look:)  

Love, Clare



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