Bargain beauty: The Ordinary serums

I wonder how many women are hesitant to use a serum, simply because of the hefty price tags that often accompany these so-called youth preserving elixers…..

Serums truly can make a big difference for your skin texture, brightness, and firmness just to start-it’s worth introducing one into your regime if you’ve got 30 in your rear view mirror…

The Ordinary skin care has created an array of serums with pure ingredients, targeted for specific skincare needs at a fraction of the cost of other brands. The idea behind the brand is that you select a few serums to tailer to what your skin needs.


Hylaronic acid is an ingredient that no matter what type of skin you have-you can benefit from. A hydration king, it can attract more than 1000 times it’s weight in water! Hydrated skin equals plump, younger looking skin.  The Ordinarys hyralonic acid will run you $6.80….yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo-for less than $10 you can add a serum To your routine that’ll deliver some impressive results.

A heavy hitter in the anti-aging game is retinol…clinically proven to reduce fine lines and and textural issues-retinol deserves a place on every women’s bathroom counter. The Ordinarys retinol is non-irritating and comes in just under $10! Combine this with the hyerlonic acid and youve got some serious skincare for under $20!

So let’s keep going here…we’re on a roll-I think if you’re new to serums, the next one you might want to give a go would be a Vitamin C. Vitamin C is often overlooked but can have a significant impact on your skins texture and brightness-The Ordinary has an array of Vitamin C emulsions to choose from-and there is a very handy little chart in their site to help you choose which one would be best for you-again, a complete bargain at under $20, most coming in under $10.

I adore The Ordinary as they have an impressive line up of serums with a price tag that allows you to experiment with an array of different ingredients-surely you’ll find your perfect combination that will work best for your skin…and you won’t go broke in the process!

Love, Clare