Bargain Beauty-Morphe brushes

In order to do a job and do it well, you need the right tools.  Whether that is physical tool such as a doctor and his stethoscope, or a therapist with assessment tools.  Sure, you could apply your blush or eyeshadow with the questionable little brush provided, but if you want to do it right, you’ll need the right tools.

I believe investing in good quality brushes is like investing in anything of higher quality-it’s simply made with better materials and will generally last you a lot longer than the cheaper alternative.  Therefore you will have the item longterm and not have to continually replace the mediocre item.  Brushes are exactly the same-generally speaking, brushes at a lower price point are not well made, are of poor quality materials and will not perform well.



Although, that is not ALWAYS true-case in point, Morphe brushes.

Exceptional quailty, extensive selection, synthetic and natural choices, MUA affiliates, and most excitingly, a low price point!

There are ten lines within the brand including the Elite range, vegan, pro, duo fibre, badger…just to name a few.  Each line of brushes includes everything from a large fluffy powder brush to the smallest definer brush, with everything in between.



With the most expensive brush in the Elite range being around $20, this brand gives you serious bang for your buck! Compare to MAC’s large fluffy powder brush at $53, the Morphe counterpart is less than half the price.

Wallet friendly and stand-out quality make building your tool box more accessible than ever!

Love, Clare






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