This chicken dish is from “The Silk Road Gourmet” by Laura Kelley. The publication is a fascinating exploration of the cuisines of Western and Southern Asia. This specific recipe is from the section on Afghanistan. The chicken is coupled with a unique mixture of spices, apricots, raisins and pistachios, resulting in a amazingly fragrant and flavorful dish. Make sure to read even more about the publication below.

Chicken breast With Apricots In Lemon-Pepper Sauce 1/4 cup dried apricots, quartered 2 tablespoons peanut oil 1 medium yellowish onion, peeled, chopped up and separated into crescents Zest of 2 lemons, very finely chopped 2 teaspoons garlic clove, peeled and… Continue Reading

I may love to bake, but periodically I don’t want to bake, like when I’m lazy, craving a cold, sweet deal with (like ice cream!) or after i don’t wan’t to melt in my own hot Texas house with the addition of a hot range to that equation.

Recipes that don’t require an range are always a great idea, and so I found out 15 paleo zero bake desserts that you’ll love! Click the image of the dessert you want to see the complete recipe. RIDICULOUSLY HEALTHY FUDGE… Continue Reading

I’ve gone a bits nut products on the baking for Memorial Day time weekend. Today I produced Mini Lamingtons, in addition to a Sour Cream Chocolates Cake I simply love lamingtons, they are a taste of home for me personally. A very traditional Australian spongy wedding cake, dipped in delicious chocolate and coconut. Messy to make, but worthwhile.

I came across this formula for the Mini Lamingtons within the cuisine section of the Sydney Morning Herald and I simply converted it to imperial measurements and it worked effectively. 1 stick soft butter, chopped 3/4 cup super okay sugar… Continue Reading

Okay friends, I’m are writing with you today one of my favorite desserts! I understand what your thinking, I say that about every dessert. Ok it’s true, I’ve a bit of a sweet teeth. But how will you not really love a delicate chocolate crepe filled with a easy cream and garnished with nice strawberries. I would be crazy never to love it! This formula is apart of the Mother’s Time Brunch we distributed over on Lunchpail’s and Lipstick ! Lisa and the girls were so awesome to get us. Be sure and go take a look.. there’s a watermelon salad formula I’m enthusiastic about!Crepes are one of those delicate sweets that costs a lot more than the price to make. Mostly due to the skill and interest required to make sure they are. You can’t just throw it on a grill and allow it char aside, nevertheless the myth that crepe are difficult to make is a myth. They are actually quite simple and you are over spending money on them when you are out to consume. So make sure they are in the home! and rather than debating whether or not to buy another one (because you are by no means enough). You have have as many as you like and fill them as many ways as you prefer.

How to make a Chocolates Crepe // Strategies for Success: When pouring the batter, use a measuring cup (1/4 or 1/2 C) to keep the proportions equal and mess-free. When the batter is in the pan, quickly tilt the pan… Continue Reading