Aussie Lamingtons

9 months agoAmong the pleasures I have once i am not commuting is the joy of making something in the kitchen. There’s nothing like producing a wonderful meal, or attempting some new recipe and the effect is a tangible, tasty dish that’s so dissimilar to software.
This weekend I came across some time to make a batch of lamingtons. They were destined for our Container Luck Lunch time” tomorrow where many people are going to provide something native” from their house country.
I decided on building Pavlova, but then my colleague from New Zealand said they’re apparently a kiwi-dish, and she had already planned to create it. Oh well.
The challenging thing about making Lamingtons is that it is a bit labourious to make. I had planned on acquiring the shortcut and buying a ready sponge cake, but imagine my surprise (and joint disappointment about more work forward) when I came across that none from the supermarkets near me offered plain old sponge cake. Yes, you could get a plain madeira cake, or even a Jamaican” fruits cake, or the last prepared birthday” cakes all covered in icing and cream. Nope to the the usual sponge wedding cake. Oh well.
I used the next formula for the sponge cake after looking around and deciding I didn’t want a particularly eggy-tasty sponge wedding cake.
Making it was pretty self-explanatory. Cream the butter and sugar, and gradually add the eggs one at a time. Combine in the vanilla and fold in the first cup of flour before folding in the second glass of flour and dairy. Pour right into a sponge wedding cake (I used a long holder) and bake inside a pre-heated 180oC oven until cooked through. If you’re using a square tin, keto lavender shortbread cookies it’s said to be thirty minutes, but I utilized a thinner tray so it got significantly less than 20 in a lover forced oven.
The next part to Lamingtons are preparing the icing as well as the coconut. I utilized this formula , but need to admit it turned out a little bit too rich.
This is pretty easy. Basically mix everything together on the bain-marie (i.e. bowl over boiling water) until it all melts. I came across this icing way too thick, so I ended up watering it down with a lot more dairy.
Now came the terribly messy part.
First, I cut the sponge in half and then spread some strawberry jam between each item. My 1st few attempts to coat them turned out to be rather disastrous with cake crumbs, chocolates and coconut just about everywhere. A bit of looking on the web and people suggested putting the cake in the refrigerator. Apparently leaving the cake overnight could have also helped allow it to be easier to cope with. Five or ten minutes into the freezer and the parts were much easier to handle.
Using two forks, I dipped the sponge sandwiches into the chocolate sauce. I held them up allowing the extreme drip off, before dunking them right into a plate of desiccated coconut. Using two spoons to press the coconut into the icing, I found that was a little cleaner than using my hands (as suggested by many recipes). I let them dry out a bit on a rack before placing them into an airtight pot for storage.
Messy, pleasurable but most likely not something I’d try all the time.
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