A perfect ten


I am a big believer that a well done manicure finishes off any look and pulls it all together.  Sure, you can go and get them done at a salon…but that can get pricey and time consuming.  You can get salon pro results at home by using the right products and following some key steps.

1. shape:  Choosing a good quality emery board is important, staying away from metal files as they tend to be too abrasive. Always file on one direction, sawing back and forth can cause the nail to split and tear.  Another little known tip is you should file your nails with your polish still on as it protects the nail from splitting and tearing.  Remove polish once you get the shape you like.  Buffing is something you only need to do about once per month.  Over buffing can actually cause your nail bed to thin and weaken.

2. cuticles:  There are a few rules you will want to follow when caring for your cuticles.  First, never push down dry cuticles.  Soak them in warm water and apply a cuticle cream, then gently push them down with an orange stick.  Next, never cut your cuticles-they protect the roots of your nails-cutting them can cause infection.  Finally, moisturize moisturize moisturize!  I do this each night before bed with the Lush Lemony Flutter.  Keeping your cuticles healthy and moist is such am important step in achieving a flawless manicure.

3. base:  The right base coat can actually extend the life of your manicure as well as give your polish something to grip to.  Another reason to slap on a base is that it can prevent your nails from being stained by those dark polishes.  One tried and tested base I love is from Sechevite.

4. polish:  This is the fun part! Whether you choose a subtle nude or a bold red, make sure you choose a good quality polish. Applying a thin coat at first, followed by a second will allow a nice opaque finish.  I love Essie for their wide range of colours and quality of the polish.  I also enjoy the fact that the formula is slightly thinner that other polishes.

5. top coat:  A good top coat gives shine and protection to your manicure.  I like to apply two coats of Sechevite top coat to give me ultimate chip proof insurance.

6. drying drops:  Im actually surprised by how many people don’t use these miracle drops! Not only do they dry your polish perfectly and instantly, they prevent that dreaded pillow smudge!  My favourite is from Nicole by OPI.

Happy painting!

love, Clare


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